Honesty- the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

After officially having (1) blog post published, I wanted to define my reasonings behind starting a blog in the first place. The largest motivating factor that comes to mind when I reflect (besides the opportunity of immense fame and fortune, of course) is honesty; something my life is lacking when it comes to the public eye.

It seems that almost every Instagram account I follow these days boasts pictures of luxurious vacations and romanticized relationships, all of which I fall prey to posting as well (although my occasional weekend visits to Cincinnati aren’t exactly five-star worthy). Hopping onto the bandwagon of a portraying a glorified persona on social media was easy: most everyone else I knew was doing it. I never really classified my public, VSCO-filtered, life to be dishonest, but it certainly wasn’t telling the whole story. Feed obsession and ‘aesthetic’ started deciding which photos I would share, and pictures that showed my life in less-than-ideal lighting were automatically discarded. It wasn’t just happening on social media either.

Often times, to anyone except the closest of friends, we try and portray our emotions, relationships, and experiences through a rose gold lens. I’ll admit that I, too, do this to the greatest extent, and have admitted it to myself many times. Social media and the version of ourselves that we chose to portray to society are often times untruthful. In some cases, like job interviews, you may not want to share mental health issues, relationship quarrels, or controversial opinions, but locking those things away from everyone only causes harm in the long run.

I’m here to translate what is seen through social media into something a little more honest. My Instagram and resume may stay blemish free, but I don’t want my entire self-image to be constricted by this idea of perfection. So here I am: scars, blemishes, and all, to reveal sides of myself not often expressed. Even if a picture is worth 1,000 words, I’m hoping that in writing this blog I can even the scale of how my life is viewed by an outsider: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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