Up Up & and Away

I sit here writing this in the O’Hare airport waiting to board that (seemingly) one-way flight to Barcelona, Spain.

Mothers drag their sleep deprived and stumbling children towards their early morning flight, charging stations are crammed with power hungry smartphones and owners alike, and my neighbor, the moving walkway, continues its incessant script of caution as sleepy travelers exit.

I slouch over my computer screen (my posture has always been horrendous) and take in the scene unfolding before me. Enjoying the slight chaos of other people’s lives, airports have always been my favorite place to people watch, but I can’t help but wonder what backstory strangers assign myself at first glance.

I probably scream American: piled with the layers that wouldn’t fit in my carryon luggage, feet propped up on the suitcase in front of me, typing absentmindedly on a laptop with an open bag of pretzel crisps in my lap, but maybe that label will soon change (or at least be harder to identify).

Today marks the start of a just-shy of six month journey abroad. I’ll be attending a business school in Barcelona, Spain for this upcoming spring semester, venturing far beyond the cornfields of my traditional institution’s campus. The fiesta and siesta lifestyle awaits once my 5:45 pm flight from JFK begins boarding, and perhaps it’s just what my life needs.

I plan (and hope) to record my journeys daily in a pen & paper sort of way, and to gather those ramblings/pictures/epiphanies and hopefully post them on this site. More for myself than anything, I hope to create a scrapbook of some sorts that houses my experiences better than a 16 GB camera roll could. Wherever my travels take me (internally and ex) I’ll try and record. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The thing i’ll miss most? Tied between athleisure (darn you well-dressed Europeans) and my cat. Of course family, friends, and Cameron all tie for third, but none of them provide the lazy comfort that leggings do.

These are the only deep philosophical thoughts I can possibly produce before I have coffee. Today, a sub-par Starbucks. Tomorrow, a Spanish Cafe.

¡Adios for now!

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